Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii BBQ - Memorial Day

We are having a Wii-BBQ (pronounced weebaque), Monday for Memorial day, I will be making Smoked Salmon, BBQ Chicken and I think I will have a Huge BBQ beef brisket from Sunday waiting for Sandwiches for the earlier part of the day (gotta keep the strength up).

It will be "BYOB" - Bring Your Own Beer (better be enough to last you, unless you plan on going to the store) No free beer here sign will be posted at the door. No hard liquor either Hakan. You know what happens when we start doing shots someone always losses control and does something they regret (well usually they are told the next morning what they regret) but you get the drift. We will have no Pork for our anti-pig crowd. If you have suggestions or ideas for the WII-BBQ please feel free to post your comments.

Time: 12:00 - someone puts out their back (Scott)


Avant said...

Heyooo Can't wait for the WiiBQ!