Monday, May 19, 2008

My New Wii... Weeeee

Ok my daughter is in town so I had to break down and get a new console. I have the xbox 360 and a million Dad games for it plus some family games, but the wii (wicked game) is so "family" looking. So last night I found one at (in some huge expensive players ripoff pack) so I bought it. It comes with 4 games and two controllers, (when I broke down the prices I figured out that I am paying 60.00 more then if I would have bought it seperate) but hey its only money.
I started this kick for two reasons.
Reason one: One of my friends pointed out the WIImote and how hackable it is, (sounds like me).
Reason two: Wii-Fit is coming out this week. Wii fit is the workout controller and sudo-workout games that will allow my wife (and me) to go to the gym and not cost a monthly fee. Well ok, that is how I justified it to her. She is always talking about going to the gym and well never does. Maybe if the gym was in the living room she would find her way there. HEY I am not saying anything, she is the one that wants to go, what do you think I am crazy? Sleep on the couch no thank you... I do that enough without commiting myself to that mortal sin of saying she needs to workout.

So I starting looking for places to buy the Wii-Fit, all the online e-tailers are sold out or only saying they will post the item again on the 21st, the offical release day. So me being the curious one, hop over to ebay to see what is shaking.

Holy cow, kinda reminds me of a certian PS3 that a certian person stood in line for two days for then couldn't sell it (one of those days was my birthday). Anywho.. I am not paying 400.00 for the thing already got soaked for 550.00 for the Wii. I think I will just wake up early on Wed and see what I can find. Not going to beat myself up if I don't get it though..

Hope all is well and you enjoy the day