Sunday, May 25, 2008

When salmon attacks...

Since Marie had to close yesterday I was the one responsible for getting the food for the BBQ. So after I took the kids to SunSplash we stopped at Publix to get our supplies. I picked out one 3lb beef brisket, 1 beef bottom round, 3lbs of salmon, and two whole chickens plus other odds and ends.

So I get home and the house is the usual flurry of activity, little dogs running all over the place kids running for the Wii everything in motion. So I set out to put the food away amongst all the chaos (ok I am playing it up so I don't look so bad). Long story short I left the salmon on the kitchen table from 6pm to ohhh I don't know around 10:45. So I stick it in the fridge and hope for the best, this morning I decide to look on the net and figure out exactly what is "safe". Let me tell you something 5 hours above 33degrees is not safe. So to avoid a scene like this

I will have to go to the store again today and get another 3lbs of Salmon, good thing it is on sale.

Speaking of Fresh Salmon.. Super old but still funny an it fits..