Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bad day...

Today was a bad day..

First I got off to a late start, I am not sure if anyone really understands how my job works. I sometimes wonder myself. See there is no set schedule except for the occasional meeting or actual appointment. Alot of my calls (jobs) are on the fly, customers call out of the blue and expect me to show within a couple hours. Seems easy enough, well I would love for you to try it once and see how easy it really is.

Ok on with the story, Marie thought that Monica(the ex) was going to be available to watch Becca(daughter) this week so Marie took a normal schedule at work. Which means that she was working almost all days, so I have to take my daughter on all my jobs this week. It has been ok so far, Until....

Today however the problems began, and while you may find humor in them it was a tad lets say, stressful. First we left the house in a hurry and forgot to put the momma dog with the puppies, I will get back to why this is a problem in a minute.

We rush off to our first call for the day everything went smooth, got the customers server back online and promised to return the next day to install a new hard drive for the customer (Raid array with a failed disk). We leave this appointment and have to stop by the office to check on a project that I left one of the techs doing (Internet at the office was down) I get there and told Becca that I would be right out and to wait in the car for a second.

When I got inside I discovered that the tech had fixed the problem and we chatted a little bit and like usual the phone rang, needless to say that second I promised Becca turned into 5 minutes. Since she was getting a little bored, and having decided that I was taking to long, wanted to come in and see what the hold up was. Well bless her heart, she was thinking about the safety of the running car and how it would bad if someone hopped in a took it, so she thought it would be a good idea to lock it up for me (remember it was running). So after the locksmith comes out to let me back in my car. I get back on the road.

This put me out an extra hour and I missed an appointment but I had to smile, grit my teeth and bare it. She was only trying to help and was really worried that I would be upset at what she had done. It is hard to look into those eyes and get mad over an innocent mistake.

Now back to why it is a bad idea to leave your momma puppy at home out of reach of her puppies. When I came home I realized that the fence we use to hold the dogs in was knocked over and all the dogs were all over the house, and there was LARGE patch of carpet missing from under the door to the puppies room. This leads to a HUGH mess (carpet everywhere) and a really upset momma dog.

So moral of the story, start out your day an extra hour early and get your stuff in order before you leave (perhaps maybe I should live more in the present) and keep focused on what I am currently doing.

Hope tomorrow is better..