Sunday, May 18, 2008

One more post for the day..

I have been asked how I insert pictures and video into my blog.

Ok I am sure most of you notice while you are posting that there are two tabs to the right of the post text box while you are in the new post screen. If you are wanting to post a video from (youtube or google) you will need to be in the "Edit HTML" tab. Next find the video that you would like to post. On the page that list the video you should see a text box next to the video that says "Embed" and in that, there is a bunch of codes. Well you will need to copy ALL of the information from that embed box and paste it into your blog body in the "EDIT HTML" tab. You can type text above or below the block of code and your text will appear DUHH above or below the video.

How to post pictures is pretty easy too, when you are in the post window you have a couple of tools at the top, one looks like a picture of a landscape. Well.. Select it, then inside that window click on the browe button and it will let you look on your computer for the image that you want to post. Yep, its that easy...

If anyone ever has other questions they would like me to answer please feel free to email me and I will post a how-to.