Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Night Dinner

Blackened Salmon with almond asparagus and Buttered Rice
1 Pound Salmon no skin
Old Bay Blackening Seasoning
Coat the Salmon in the seasoning and fry medium - medium high in small amount of olive oil

1 full package of small asparagus ends cut off
Sliced Almonds
Place asparagus on cookie sheet and sprinkle small amount of olive oil on them next dust with Montreal Steak Seasoning and finally cover in a handful of the sliced almonds.

Uncle Ben's Microwave in bag (90 seconds)

Spring Mix salad with ginger dressing


Monica said...

When did you ever become a chef? The best I ever got was Ramen noodles with chicken and cashews!

James Sheehan said...

Anything I say here will get me in trouble.. So I plead the fifth