Saturday, May 31, 2008

You have to get out of your seat and walk away from your computer. People may think you're crazy. But it's well worth it.

Thank you, Monica

Another one for the farm!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Coincidence, While this post is NOT a Coincidence, I read a sign while driving past a church the other day (within the last week or so maybe two) that read Coincidence is God working anonymously, and thought to myself how strange that I read that sign, because my life in the last month or so has been overflowing with coincidence. I chalk it up to "taking time to notice" and separating myself from the daily grind.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey, just because I have watched all the Lord of the Rings and Starwars...

Hey, just because I have watched all the Lord of the Rings and Starwars... doesn't mean I like elf girls.. (ok I lie, Liv Tyler is hot)

Gonna get me some of these goats for my farm

Anyone for some skeet shooting!

Pretty cool!

Normally I would not post something this normal.. but it is pretty good!

I know, I know Jackass is played out

I know, I know Jackass is played out but this clip is pretty freaking amazing, (looks to me like Jackass 3 in the making)
P.S. Idiocracy is really just making fun of people who watch Jackass..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is blogspot blogger that accepts postcards from people that have a secret they want to share with the world anonymously. What are your secrets. Can you share them?

Too much for words. Hardest videos I have ever watched.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I love you Becca

Sunday, May 25, 2008

6. Cabin Wreck N27-49.800 - W80-25.549 North end of McLarty Museums wall of rocks

Dive I want to do soon.

1715 Plate Fleet. Possibly the Nuestra SeƱora de la Regla [ Our Lady of the Period ] .
Five cannons in 5 to 7 feet of water, off north end of McLarty Museums wall of rocks.
2 anchors in 8 feet, 200 feet off the beach from the south end of the wall of rocks.
One cannon on first reef, 150 feet off the beach, from just north of the cabin to 75 yards north of it.
Eleven cannons on the 2nd reef, west side of reef, 300 feet from the beach, seaward of the cabin.
Ballast pile and cannon on the 3rd reef off the cabin.
Main pile covers over an acre, 900 feet off the beach in 21 feet of water about 1200 feet south of the museum.
Most treasure has been found between the 1st and 2nd reefs. Lots of silver coins found beyond the 3rd reef. The McLarty Museum is on the site of the original camp of the survivors of the wreck and was used as a salvage camp for 5 years. It's well worth the $1.00 fee to see the displays and a short video. There is no beach access at the museum.

This message was sent using the Picture and Video Messaging service from Verizon Wireless!

To learn how you can snap pictures and capture videos with your wireless phone visit

To play video messages sent to email, QuickTime® 6.5 or higher is required. Visit to download the free player or upgrade your existing QuickTime® Player. Note: During the download process when asked to choose an installation type (Minimum, Recommended or Custom), select Minimum for faster download.

This is soooooo true... and sooo sad.

If you have not seen this movie you should.. Idiocracy

The Original Don't worry be happy master

If you call him GAY you go straight to HELL and don't pass go!

Circuit City Wii sale..

Today and tomorrow Circuit city is having a sale for memorial day, with a bunch of games for the wii on sale for 9.99.

Click to see the sale items

I am getting the racing game and the chicken one. I can't wait to kill me some chickens, those things are MEAN.

There are some xbox 360 games as well but who cares about that boring last year console. :)

When salmon attacks...

Since Marie had to close yesterday I was the one responsible for getting the food for the BBQ. So after I took the kids to SunSplash we stopped at Publix to get our supplies. I picked out one 3lb beef brisket, 1 beef bottom round, 3lbs of salmon, and two whole chickens plus other odds and ends.

So I get home and the house is the usual flurry of activity, little dogs running all over the place kids running for the Wii everything in motion. So I set out to put the food away amongst all the chaos (ok I am playing it up so I don't look so bad). Long story short I left the salmon on the kitchen table from 6pm to ohhh I don't know around 10:45. So I stick it in the fridge and hope for the best, this morning I decide to look on the net and figure out exactly what is "safe". Let me tell you something 5 hours above 33degrees is not safe. So to avoid a scene like this

I will have to go to the store again today and get another 3lbs of Salmon, good thing it is on sale.

Speaking of Fresh Salmon.. Super old but still funny an it fits..

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The perils of this white man at Sun Splash!

I am off to take my daughter and step daughter to sun splash. My Lucky wife Marie gets to escape the fun by being at work, I on the other hand have to get sun-burnt and fight the masses at the park. I will try to take some pics to upload to the blog later when I get back (if I can still move). After the park I am going to publix to get all the meat and food for the BBQ.

I am leaving late in the day 2:30 but I feel that I will still be burnt to a crisp, good news is that I think most of the crowd will be gone.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I know, I know this is your fav...!

Is this better....?

No gay videos? What about this.. more your speed?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

When you say the word Nerd...

This is what the world thinks of when you say the word Nerd... I am not a nerd, just socially challenged...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ok I am confused... I am not sure how this is working

OK here is the deal, if you pause the video and restart the video you can see the dancer change directions. This doesn't always happen. I have got her to change directions at times by closing my eyes as well.

One blogger posted that he could get it to change at will if he stared at the shadow at her feet. All I have to say is wild... wild wild.

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa. Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

One more post for the day! I gotta stop myself...

I have turned into a post junkie. I wonder if there will be support group or a twelve step program for this in a couple of years, or do you get burned out and stop after awhile.

I figure most people run out of things to post (or have lives) and stop after the "newness factor" wear off. But for now I am having fun.

Anyway this post is about a link to a site that I think is worthwhile, while it does have some movies and videos that are pirated (this site only links to other sites). It does also have a bunch of awesome documentaries on it. I (when I am not posting) watch vast amounts of documentaries sometimes they are running in the background while I work but I still gleen some tid-bits of history or higher education from them.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you watch anything I need to see..

Wii BBQ - Memorial Day

We are having a Wii-BBQ (pronounced weebaque), Monday for Memorial day, I will be making Smoked Salmon, BBQ Chicken and I think I will have a Huge BBQ beef brisket from Sunday waiting for Sandwiches for the earlier part of the day (gotta keep the strength up).

It will be "BYOB" - Bring Your Own Beer (better be enough to last you, unless you plan on going to the store) No free beer here sign will be posted at the door. No hard liquor either Hakan. You know what happens when we start doing shots someone always losses control and does something they regret (well usually they are told the next morning what they regret) but you get the drift. We will have no Pork for our anti-pig crowd. If you have suggestions or ideas for the WII-BBQ please feel free to post your comments.

Time: 12:00 - someone puts out their back (Scott)

Got the Wii Fit..

I went to bed last night a little after Marie, so I didn't want to bother her with setting the Alarm for 6am so I could rush to get a wii-fit.. So instead I told myself that the second the sun hit my eye that I should spring to action.

I am not sure when the sun gets up but at 6:15 I awoke in a cold sweat, muttering to myself "must get fit", "must get fit"... So I leaped from my bed and ran into my daughters room to get her up. I had to get to Target ASAP, so we grabbed some granola bars, threw on our clothes (not in that order) and raced to target.

As you can see we had no real reason to rush, we got to Target around 7am and were in line alone till about 7:30 when the next Wii-Fitter arrived. Then over the next 1/2 hour we were joined by a herd of about 30-40 eager shoppers.

Once inside the walk to the electronics section was awkward to say the least, everyone was walking quickly yet not running. It was very odd feeling, I was first and I had to beat everyone, yet I didn't want to bust into full stride for something I was sure to get.

Now if we only had a WII to go with the WII Fit we would Jamming... We took it out of the box and played with it, but it is quite boring without the game / video to go with it, I think I will put the rocky sound track in and fake it until tomorrow when I get mine in the mail.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bad day...

Today was a bad day..

First I got off to a late start, I am not sure if anyone really understands how my job works. I sometimes wonder myself. See there is no set schedule except for the occasional meeting or actual appointment. Alot of my calls (jobs) are on the fly, customers call out of the blue and expect me to show within a couple hours. Seems easy enough, well I would love for you to try it once and see how easy it really is.

Ok on with the story, Marie thought that Monica(the ex) was going to be available to watch Becca(daughter) this week so Marie took a normal schedule at work. Which means that she was working almost all days, so I have to take my daughter on all my jobs this week. It has been ok so far, Until....

Today however the problems began, and while you may find humor in them it was a tad lets say, stressful. First we left the house in a hurry and forgot to put the momma dog with the puppies, I will get back to why this is a problem in a minute.

We rush off to our first call for the day everything went smooth, got the customers server back online and promised to return the next day to install a new hard drive for the customer (Raid array with a failed disk). We leave this appointment and have to stop by the office to check on a project that I left one of the techs doing (Internet at the office was down) I get there and told Becca that I would be right out and to wait in the car for a second.

When I got inside I discovered that the tech had fixed the problem and we chatted a little bit and like usual the phone rang, needless to say that second I promised Becca turned into 5 minutes. Since she was getting a little bored, and having decided that I was taking to long, wanted to come in and see what the hold up was. Well bless her heart, she was thinking about the safety of the running car and how it would bad if someone hopped in a took it, so she thought it would be a good idea to lock it up for me (remember it was running). So after the locksmith comes out to let me back in my car. I get back on the road.

This put me out an extra hour and I missed an appointment but I had to smile, grit my teeth and bare it. She was only trying to help and was really worried that I would be upset at what she had done. It is hard to look into those eyes and get mad over an innocent mistake.

Now back to why it is a bad idea to leave your momma puppy at home out of reach of her puppies. When I came home I realized that the fence we use to hold the dogs in was knocked over and all the dogs were all over the house, and there was LARGE patch of carpet missing from under the door to the puppies room. This leads to a HUGH mess (carpet everywhere) and a really upset momma dog.

So moral of the story, start out your day an extra hour early and get your stuff in order before you leave (perhaps maybe I should live more in the present) and keep focused on what I am currently doing.

Hope tomorrow is better..

Mean Kitty.. older but pretty funny

Kids Favorite...

Who in the world thought that this was a good idea?

What a terrible idea, I mean I understand that they wanted to keep it for buses only but man some of these people get really hurt..

Another illusion..

This one is kinda old but still pretty neat and I am happy to document it here with all the other interesting videos that I run across.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My New Wii... Weeeee

Ok my daughter is in town so I had to break down and get a new console. I have the xbox 360 and a million Dad games for it plus some family games, but the wii (wicked game) is so "family" looking. So last night I found one at (in some huge expensive players ripoff pack) so I bought it. It comes with 4 games and two controllers, (when I broke down the prices I figured out that I am paying 60.00 more then if I would have bought it seperate) but hey its only money.
I started this kick for two reasons.
Reason one: One of my friends pointed out the WIImote and how hackable it is, (sounds like me).
Reason two: Wii-Fit is coming out this week. Wii fit is the workout controller and sudo-workout games that will allow my wife (and me) to go to the gym and not cost a monthly fee. Well ok, that is how I justified it to her. She is always talking about going to the gym and well never does. Maybe if the gym was in the living room she would find her way there. HEY I am not saying anything, she is the one that wants to go, what do you think I am crazy? Sleep on the couch no thank you... I do that enough without commiting myself to that mortal sin of saying she needs to workout.

So I starting looking for places to buy the Wii-Fit, all the online e-tailers are sold out or only saying they will post the item again on the 21st, the offical release day. So me being the curious one, hop over to ebay to see what is shaking.

Holy cow, kinda reminds me of a certian PS3 that a certian person stood in line for two days for then couldn't sell it (one of those days was my birthday). Anywho.. I am not paying 400.00 for the thing already got soaked for 550.00 for the Wii. I think I will just wake up early on Wed and see what I can find. Not going to beat myself up if I don't get it though..

Hope all is well and you enjoy the day

Who Moved My Cheese.. By the author of "The Present"

This story has helped me many times in the past. It is easy to understand and easy to figure out how to use.

Finally found the video..Enjoy..

No laughing.. until you have done it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

One more post for the day..

I have been asked how I insert pictures and video into my blog.

Ok I am sure most of you notice while you are posting that there are two tabs to the right of the post text box while you are in the new post screen. If you are wanting to post a video from (youtube or google) you will need to be in the "Edit HTML" tab. Next find the video that you would like to post. On the page that list the video you should see a text box next to the video that says "Embed" and in that, there is a bunch of codes. Well you will need to copy ALL of the information from that embed box and paste it into your blog body in the "EDIT HTML" tab. You can type text above or below the block of code and your text will appear DUHH above or below the video.

How to post pictures is pretty easy too, when you are in the post window you have a couple of tools at the top, one looks like a picture of a landscape. Well.. Select it, then inside that window click on the browe button and it will let you look on your computer for the image that you want to post. Yep, its that easy...

If anyone ever has other questions they would like me to answer please feel free to email me and I will post a how-to.


The perfect steak

I have been working on this for many years.. I love to grill, BBQ and cook but when it comes to what a man should do best, hands down it has to be Steak. I am sure that it is something left over from the caveman days. Uuugghh, me kill something, me cut off big piece and throw it in fire.. me pick it up right out of fire and burn ones fingers, (OK that might be just me..)

That is a Man's way.. Super easy (I said easy not Lazy!) Nothing fancy just meat and flames..

Well like I was saying, I have been working on doing it right for awhile, reading cook books, experimenting and I think I have it.

The perfect steak starts at the store. You must pick out the perfect piece of meat. The piece needs to have marbling of fat in it. ESSENTIAL to good steak, the more marbling the better. Look at the picture to the left. See the white flecks in the meat, that is what I am talking about. These guys would make great steaks.

About two hours before you are ready to cook, you need tenderize your steaks, you can use a knife or whatever to stab holes in the steak to soften the meat it also allows the marinade to soak in. Next place the steaks in a bowl of teriyaki sauce and put back in the fridge for an hour (you really don't want to have them in there any longer then a hour or the meat will start to take on too much teriyaki sauce which is super salty.

After you hour is up, take the steaks out of the sauce and place on a cookie sheet and (depending on your taste) cover with a good amount of Montreal steak seasoning. I like alot on mine but it is up to you. You can also at this point sprinkle on a little parsley for color. Now this might sound weird but you want to leave the steaks on the counter for the next hour, it will bring the temp of the meat up to room temperature so that the grill is not such a shock to the meat.

Half hour till cooking time - go start the grill, I like to get my RED hot before I cook my steak. If you know where the hot spot on your grill is use it, the hotter the better, heck Ruth's Chris cooks their steaks in an 1800F broiler and serve it on a plate at 500f. I wish I had that kinda power, I think I am lucky if I get 600-650 out of my grill.

OK now it is go time, get your game face on because the next 5 minutes of your life will be an intense one (OK maybe I am playing it up a bit, I like to be serious at this point so it makes my wife think that I am really working hard.) There are some rules you must understand about these five minutes.

Rule #1 - Use a watch
Rule #2 - Flip it once
Rule #3 - Use a watch
Rule #4 - LET IT SIT

OK I place my steaks on the hottest part of the grill as fast as I can so I can close the lid again faster to keep the heat in. I look at my watch when the meat is placed, 1 and half minutes I open the lid and relay the steak by rotating it 45 degrees or so to give it that criss-cross restaurant look. I put the lid back down ASAP. and let cook for remaining 1 minute or minute and a half depending on thickness of steak. Once I reach the 2 and half to 3 minute mark. I flip the steak. Cook out the remaining 2 and half to three minutes and take the steaks off the grill. (don't forget to turn off the gas)

The last part of making the perfect steak is the most important. LET IT SIT. When the meat is on the grill the juices inside the meat are brought to near boiling and if you cut into it when it is right off the grill all the juice will run out. I let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then you are ready for heaven.

One thing to think about, the 2 and half minutes per side will give you a rare to medium rare steak, if you like it cooked a little more only add about half minute to 1 minute per side no more.

Well if anyone reads this and tries let me know how it goes, I am interested to hear your results.

Eat Well and Enjoy Life

Bacon wrapped heaven

I am sure most of you who have eaten at one of my parties know.. The bacon wrapped shrimp and scallops are amazing...

So here is how and since it is so simple, even you can do them.

1-2 pounds of big shrimp (deveined and shelled)
1 pack of bacon (any kind will do cheaper the better)
1 bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (original flavor is fine)
Skewer sticks (soaked in water for a couple of hours ahead of time don't worry I always forget too)

Cut the bacon into about 2 inch lengths then take the pieces and put one thin layer of bacon around the shrimp and skewer (this will take some practice) you may need to stretch the bacon to get it go fully around the shrimp.

You should Pre-Heat your grill to medium-low heat. You can go hotter just remember they cook REALLY fast. Once the bacon is cooked and shrimp is white (not a minute longer) apply the BBQ sauce to your skewers and as soon as you have the sauce on all of them flip the first skewer and then continue to flip them all over, once flip start taking them off again starting with the first one you sauced.

You can simply replace scallops anywhere you see the word shrimp for something different.


Smoked Salmon.. James way

1-2 pound Salmon Fillet (skin on)
tons of brown sugar
enough teriyaki sauce to moisten but not liquefy the brown sugar (make into kind of a paste)

Get your smoker up to temp (about 220-250) then place the rinsed salmon on a sheet of tin foil. Next mound the brown sugar on, when you think you have enough put some more because I said mound the brown sugar. Next sprinkle on some teriyaki to wet down the brown sugar, it is ok if some of the brown sugar is dry because when the fish cooks it will release some oil and that will melt the brown sugar.

Next smoke the salmon until it turns a golden color and you can see small amount of white stuff (umm creamy fat) coming from the grain in the meat. It takes about 45min to 1 1/2 hours depending on how hot the smoker is.

If you can keep your self from eating it all before it cools it tastes even better when cold out of the fridge the next day.

Mom's Little bit of heaven enchiladas

Ok, you have to realize one thing.. There is no perfect way to make this, this comes from my mom's memory and changes from time to time but it is always AWESOME.

1 roasted chicken deboneded and chopped
8-10 tortillas depending on how many you can fit in your baking dish and how many come in the package. Burrito size
1 cup of chopped green onion
2-4 cans of cream of chicken soup (do not dilute) - I use four sometime I use cream of mushroom as one of the cans or cream of broccoli
1 8oz sour cream
1 small chopped can of green chilies
2-3 cups of shredded cheese (you can get that Mexican mix if you want or just use cheddar

Mix together the Chicken, all but a sprinkle of onions, sour cream, 1/2 the cheese and the soup (I save out one can to layer the bottom with). Spread a little of the mixture and an extra can of soup on the bottom of a 13x9 backing dish. Fill the tortillas with mixture and place in the pan on top of the thin layer of mixture. Spread any extra mixture on top of the enchiladas then cover with remaining cheese. Then sprinkle the extra onion on top for color.

Cover with foil and bake at 375 for about 30 minutes. Remove foil and finish in oven for about 10 more minutes to make sure cheese on top is fully melted maybe a little brown.

These Enchiladas are probably one of the best meals my mom ever made and I want to thank her for them every time I eat them.

Thanks mom..

Better to remember you by..

I figure if I want to use this blog to remember things, document things and show the world the things I have done... I might want to put up the stuff from a very memorable and alive day in my life..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fun for the kids...

10 optical illusions in 2 minutes...

Very Inspiring

Very Inspiring, I am pretty sure that this video describes alot of my behavior but at least I recognize that I have a problem. Now will I do anything about it... ;)

Great Wall animation.. Must see..

I wonder as I watch how much of it is Fake.. but you can tell when the animation moves that at least alot if it not...

Friday, May 16, 2008

How to be a Con Man, and nooo I don't use these techniques (yet)

Watch this video, then start watching the high dollar commercials and see if they are using these technics.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Frozen in Grand Central Station

Awesome group of actors called Improv Everywhere...

This one is called the Best game ever, and I can imagine why.. The feelings that must have been going through those people... Unreal, can you imagine the wonder and delight those kids experienced.. Brilliant, makes me want to get involved and do something similiar for someone.

Plans Change...

I am not sure if you all know, but one of my bucket list items is to stay in a haunted hotel room. Well Marie and I are living out that bucket list item next month. We were originally scheduled to stay at the Morgan house in Savannah, Ga. The weekend of June 6th. Well an error in judgement (have those from time to time) and the fact that Friday the 13th is the following weekend, we changed our plans to the Friday the Thirteenth.
Seems that the Morgan house (plus nearly every other haunted B and B in Savannah) was going to be booked for that weekend. So I did some looking on the internet and found another B&B that had a room for the 13th.....
The Kehoe House room 203...
On one edge of Columbia Square sits the massive Kehoe House, built in 1892 for William Kehoe. The Queen Anne style mansion was built as the Kehoe residence, and it showcased what William was known for in Savannah: iron. What else would the owner of an ironworks foundry use to adorn his house but cast iron railings, Corinthian columns, porches, balconies, and window moldings? The house was built for the sum of $25,000.

William Kehoe is fondly remembered by his granddaughter, Anne C. Rizert. She remembered him as “a small person but he stood tall because he had that intangible presence of a man who recognizes his own worth, knowing it was God’s graceful gift.” She goes on to say that “he was very young when he became involved in the Civil War. He had the misfortune to be poor and on the losing side but this was irrelevant to him. Irishmen always seemed to fight well for lost causes.”

Over the years it was a private residence, but it spent the majority of the 20th century as a funeral home. Today, it is a bed and breakfast, one of the only 4-Star bed and breakfasts in the South, and the only one in Savannah. It is also quite possibly America’s only haunted 4-Star establishment.

A Tragic End for Twins?
A persistent story, perhaps legend and perhaps not, told about the Kehoe family is that twins were born into the Kehoe family, and that they supposedly died while playing in a chimney in one of the rooms. The fireplaces have all been blocked up, and decorated with angels—perhaps symbolizing the lost children. A series of hauntings have been attributed to these children. Guests on the second floor have often heard children’s laughter and small footsteps running down the hall. Some guests have even complained the next morning to the front desk, not realizing that children are strongly discouraged from staying in such a prestigious inn. Even if the rumors of the twins dying in the fireplace are not true, it would not be unusual for the sounds of children’s feet running down the halls at the Kehoe House, given the size of the Kehoe clan.

Many of the stories in the house center on the rooms 201 and 203. A guest of room 201 said she awoke in the middle of the night after feeling someone softly stroking her hair and cheek. Thinking that it was her husband, she opened her eyes to find a young child caressing her face—a child who then vanished. No word on whether her screams woke her husband!

In room 203, two sisters had an odd occurrence. One awoke feeling as if someone was sitting next to her. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her sister was sound asleep on the other side of the room, but there was an impression of someone unseen sitting right next to her on the bed.

Saturday night we are staying at the 17 hundred 90... Also haunted... We actually got room 204 or another words Anna's room...

Anna Powers fell in love with a married seaman sometime in the early 1800's. She is said to have thrown herself to her own death from the third floor balcony onto the brick courtyard below just as the sails of his ship left her sight down the Savannah river toward sea. Since then her ghost is still believed to be haunting the inn, and primarily room 204. Many of our guests as well as employees have told of strange events occurring which have been attributed to the lonely heart of Anna Powers still waiting for her lover to return..

Well I can't wait to stay and I will let you know of all my ghostly experiances...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Engaged Classroom

I am sure that if you know me, you also know that my Ex-Wife is a school teacher and a progressive one at that.. We she sent me this video, and while it is not as unique as some of my other videos, If you take a minute to reflect on it, it will hit you hard. I am not so sure that this "Technology Deficency" is something that we should be ashamed of as a nation quite yet. Technology is growing so fast no one would of quessed it.

We should be ashamed if we don't take action RIGHT now though, this is a correctable problem. We need to make sure that we empower our teachers to teach for today, and give them the tools and training they need to do it with.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kid with the Incredible Brain

Awesome is all I have to say...

It is good to know that the earth will miss us when we are gone...

Neat Things to do with your WII controller..

Now if only I had a wii.. I don't think that I can bring myself to buy just a controller without the console.

Very Slowly - Very Brilliant

Awesome clip...

In case you don't know where Monica's Blog is...

This is a great place to keep up with B while she is in Utah. I plan on posting pics when she is down here (She gets here 5/17). Hopefully I can remember to post them....

Good Video Just Watch


A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.
John Barrymore

Last Night Dinner

Blackened Salmon with almond asparagus and Buttered Rice
1 Pound Salmon no skin
Old Bay Blackening Seasoning
Coat the Salmon in the seasoning and fry medium - medium high in small amount of olive oil

1 full package of small asparagus ends cut off
Sliced Almonds
Place asparagus on cookie sheet and sprinkle small amount of olive oil on them next dust with Montreal Steak Seasoning and finally cover in a handful of the sliced almonds.

Uncle Ben's Microwave in bag (90 seconds)

Spring Mix salad with ginger dressing

Monday, May 12, 2008

Living in the Present w Thich Nhat Hanh

Life IS beautiful....

On a Posting Spree - Piri Reis Map

I REALLY need to get out of the house and get to work, I have a couple of jobs that need to get done but before I go... I was doing some research this morning about an ancient artifact that has always interested me, the Piri Reis Map. The Piri Reis Map was a map created about 1513 in Turkey and from the first stories I read contained some really interesting tid-bits of information and could possibly question our understanding of our Civilizations past. After rereading the site I had originally gleened most of my (Supposed) facts from (I mean really who would lie). I found another site that actually did the homework on the map and drew a totally different conclusion. I will post the two sites here and you can decide for yourself. I myself see a lot more light in the second link... Shucks I was really hoping for proof of aliens helping our ancestors... (I will keep looking)

Basically claims that map is spot on and VERY correct...

Might have spent a couple of minutes comparing the Piri Reis Map to ohh I don't know a real map... After looking at the alignments I would have to say this is a pretty realistic interpretation of the map.

Our Puppies

Take a look at how cute our puppies are coming along. I will link in the video too, it is Dark (and gruesome) but extemely umm educational.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today is Mothers Day so I decided that I would make a special dish for Marie.. Happy Mothers Day to all
1 pound of shrimp
1/2 pound of scallops (Large)
1 box linguini
1 Jar of Red Sauce (pick your favorite)
1/2 pint of heavy cream
Grated Cheese
Mix sauce and cream with grated cheese and heat
Cook shrimp and scallops (very important not to over cook) in skillet with italian seasonsing and a little olive oil
Cook pasta as usual
Toss pasta with sauce then place seafood on top of pasta (make it look pretty)