Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hmm.. not sure I like this one..

I have an idea.. why not ARREST the bad guys like they do in other cities.. ohhh wait let me guess you have to turn your prisoners back too quick cause of jail over crowding. Let me suggest something... stop buying new cars for your police for a couple of years fix the old ones.. Arrest the thugs, clean the streets and stop treating the citizens like criminals (until they are caught at least)

Lastly.. I think this whole thing goes back to what happens in jail, we need to make jail a little less comfortable. Have you seen other countries jail it is not fun, so we either make it not fun or make it pay for itself. If you (prisoner) don't work... you don't eat. We could have those prisoner working as hard on the inside are we do on the outside to make them happy. TV's - Library - Food - Beds - Rights - Haircuts - Basketball - Social interaction - everything they want we give them or pay for, we take it away and make them actually work for it and I bet we see results.. they will rehabilitate themselves alot faster in my opinion.