Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tomorrow I am going to do some filming for one of my friends at a UU church, I am not sure if anyone has ever read my religion blog but I am a person who believes in god, but has no specific religion. This pretty much defines UU or Unitarian Universalist, so when he asked me if I would come watch his sermon and video tape it at a UU church (I already had thought about going) I was more then happy to attend and help him out.

Now on to the camera he gave me to play with and then tape him with.. Holy Cow, this thing is a beast. It cost around 4k and is the type that some movies are filmed on. Amazing camera to say the least. I spent around an hour just watching a movie on how to make it work. Then I messed with the camera another couple of hours trying to get it do what I wanted. Went back to the video and watched some more then come to find out there is one button that tells the camera you have no idea what you are doing (green square) and it then sets the four million options up so that a dummy could get it right.

I will try to post the video that I make from the sermon so you can all have a look at my skills and a peek into the church that has a no rules god.