Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nice... food for thought during the next election..

Personally... I respect our troops 100% and support them till the end. But this is out of control. We have gained NOTHING by being in this war, even the Iraqi people are not better off. If you want to bring up the fact that Saddam gassed a bunch of innocents (a long time ago) I would like to point out the number of Iraqi's our smart bombs killed just to "free" the people (one site puts the number around 1.2 million) or remove the WMD's that never existed or squash the al qaeda link that again never existed...

USE this FREAKING money to fix OUR problems, nothing against any Iraqis but last time I check gas was over 4 a gallon (are we not in fighting this war for the second largest oil producing country in the world, you would think we could work out some kind of trade ohhh I don't know freedom from oppression for some cheap gas, perhaps...), unemployment is WAY up and at least 6 people I know are losing their homes or property and going into foreclosure. 1 person I know is not getting the best medical care because he cannot afford it and we spend how much to fight this war.. This is stupid, wake up America!