Monday, June 30, 2008

Do you know what having +5 means

Diablo 3 in the making..

I can remember when this game first came out, I was living on Santa Barbra in Cape Coral.. It was a Friday and I had nothing to do for the weekend. (ok ok.. I probably had something I needed to get done but Monica was nice enough to let me play..) So I popped the game into the computer, connected the computer to my TV and didn't get up for 24 hours straight and only reason I got up was because I finished the game.. This game while hack and slash.. is awesome, always cutting edge graphics and amazing story line and super addicting. In some ways I look forward to release date (unknown at current) in other ways I do not. I do not have time to enjoy it, I do not have time for it to consume me. I played Diablo 2 for 6 months - TWICE. I got bored with the game after the first 6 months... then a couple years later played it AGAIN for 6 months.

Ohh the addiction, the sweet sweet addiction..