Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting day.

As I prepare myself for today, the day I lose my country to the machine of "Change" the machine that believes that National Health Care and Big Government are what will fix this country.. More government, More government.. Isn't Government what got us in this mess. I am not sure where it began, the financial crisis that is.. but I can tell you what I see from my position. There were some well intending people(government) who made policy that would allow everyone the ability to own a home. Sounds like a great idea right, whats more American and glutenous then if all the population can own a home. You know what.. Screw it.. I don't think you can handle the truth, hopefully our kids don't spit on our graves.

I cried today when I watched this video.. This man can be the change you are looking for and he has been denied that by the Media and by Government and those who like their cushy jobs dictating how we should live our lives. I am sorry I let Ron Paul Down. I am still going to Vote for him anyway, Doesn't matter much since the second video shows how easy rigging elections is..


Monica said...

Its amazing that your passion and drive is for something you have no control over. Just think if you spent all the time and energy you have wasted on Ron Paul, to actually make a change in our world, where you might be today.

You said you cried? James? Cry? If that is true, you need to follow that passion because I have never seen emotion from you. If it has truly driven you to cry and then publicly acknowledge your emotions, then you need to follow this path. It is something that is clearly important to you.

I know that doesn't seem sincere, but it really is. I believe when we feel strongly about something, so strong we want to take a stand for it, we need to follow through and do something about it. I am not sure what that is for you, but you need to do something that will make you feel complete.

Monica said...


You seem to feel as though it is wrong. But isn't that exactly what you are doing by not publishing the comments to your website you don't like? Interesting.

I realized after I typed the last comment that there was no way you would put that on your website, just like other comments I have made never made it on your blog.

I am sure there is a name for it when you say one thing and do another..... just an interesting observation.

James Sheehan said...

You might want to look back through the posts. I think that I have posted all of your comments.. Even the ones that don't look so good for me. Kinda like the ones here.. I think you under estimate the difference you have made in my life.

James Sheehan said...

Ps. I turned off comment monitoring.

Monica said...

I am sure some people may read this and think we are hostile. I am glad we are able to speak our opinions and not feel offended by each other.

Thank you for considering my point of view. I think you need to trust that the people reading and commenting on your blog will make appropriate comments.