Thursday, September 4, 2008

Republocrat - who are you...

With all the political mumbo-jumbo going on lately, I like many of you have been asked where I stood, am I a Dem or a Republican. I was informed that there was really only one right answer. So I thought and thought and what it really boils down to is that I disagree with both parties. The Dems are bunch of wimps and treehuggers, and the republicans with their war mongering, don't fit what I want.. So I decided to turn to the Internet and let the great and all powerful net help me.

I took the below listed partyfinder quiz.. And it looks like I was right, I am Libertarian.. I was and still am a fan of Ron Paul who never had a chance but was a Republican Candidate that spoke exactly what was on my mind... Less government, caring about OUR country and not spending billions on other countries and on and on and on..

Here is a list of the questions that the website asked and these are my answers..

Click here to take their test

decrease regulation of radio, TV, press, and Internet content.
decrease regulation of licensed gun ownership.
maintain regulation of the health care industry.
decrease regulation of minimum worker wages, and benefits.
decrease regulation of hiring practices, and quota legislation.
increase restrictions on immigration.
decrease regulations on use of natural resources.
decrease regulations on use of private property.
decrease regulation of marijuana and other drugs.
decrease regulations on sex by consenting adults.
maintain restrictions on abortion.
decrease subsidies for the poor.
increase subsidies for scientific research.
decrease subsidies for businesses and farms.
increase regulations on lobbying and campaign financing.
decrease federal involvement in public education.
maintain federal involvement in entitlement programs.
decrease federal law enforcement agencies.
decrease subsidies for foreign democracies.
decrease military defense of other nations.
decrease US commitment to the United Nations.
decrease taxes on personal income.
maintain taxes on corporate income.
decrease taxes on gifts and inherited wealth.
increase taxes on imported goods (tariffs).

1) Libertarian Party 81%
2) Constitution Party 67%
3) Reform Party 52%
4) Green Party 48%
5) Republican Party 38%
6) Democratic Party 33%
7) Natural Law Party 29%

What are your views...


Avant said...

1) Libertarian Party 77%

Hahaha...some good questions on there too.