Sunday, July 20, 2008

Are you doing what you are good at?

While reading some other random blog I came across an excellent post, so I am going to repost it and put it in my words.

No matter what your profession how good are you at what you do? World class? National or local level? Are you one of the 2 out of 10 who spend most of their lives doing what they are best at? How can you find out?

Look at the guideline below to see if you are in the 20% or not. The more the activity has the four qualities below the more it indicates strength is in play. And the more our strengths are at play the better we could be at specific activity. So the more you feel the following way the bigger chance is you are good at what you do:

1. You are successful. There are happy customers, solved problems, great presentations. Others are praising you.

2. You can’t wait to do the thing. You prefer it to other stuff. You do it happily for free.

3. Once in it, you are immersed. Deeply in it. Lost track of time…

4. Once finished, the good feeling stays. It remains there.

Those of you who know me can read the above and realize that I am doing what I am good at, I may not be meant to run a buisness but I am supposed to be working on computer systems.

Please watch these three videos and then tell me.. Are these people good at what they do? Are you doing what your good at to this level and if not.. why..